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THIS IS ONLY A IN-PERSON TICKET (for online participation please send us a mail).

Early bird ticket until March 30th 2023.


In this 1-day workshop, we are time-travelers moving back and forth from the ancient world of perfumery to today. You will learn the myths and stories of scents and substances of the Ancient Mediterranean by plunging into one of the first cross-cultural perfumes of the Greco-Egyptian world: the Metopion.

You will smell, touch and taste the difference between the raw ingredients used in the past and the prepared ingredients of today: bitter almond, cardamom, galbanum, myrrh, calamus, and honey. You will develop skills in interpreting ancient recipes, and you will learn how to use ancient recipes to experiment with scents in ancient and modern ways.

Date: 23 April 2023

Time:10-17h (time might vary).

Place: Smell Lab Studio

Winnstr. 42, 10405

Berlin, Germany

Past & Presents Scents of Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

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