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Step into the serene Blue Room, where tranquility and self-discovery converge.

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BlueKlara Ravat
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The room is adorned with a plush carpet, inviting pillows for relaxation, creating an immersive cocoon of blue hues. As you enter, the gentle guidance of a meditation audio envelops you, leading you on a journey to uncover your personal truths.

Unveiling Blue, pic by Nina Buttendorf
Unveiling Blue

The meditation's soothing voice encourages introspection, providing a safe space for self-discovery. The scents, carefully chosen to complement the calming ambiance, beckon you to engage in a ritualistic dance of the senses. Their fragrance, harmoniously aligned with the color blue, enhances your sensory experience, deepening your connection with the meditation's message.

Unveiling Blue
Ausstellung 8.jpg

Pictures by Nina Buttendorf, documentation of SENS Exhibition at ZIMMT Leipzig.

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