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Aromatic Soy Candles


Tropical flower: Jamsine and Patchouli

Dry spell: Sweet orange and Frankincense


The candles are 80g (net wax weight) and give around 18-20 hours of burn time.

Handmade with care in Berlin

Artwork: Ruohan Wang


Backgorund story:

In December 2019 I visited a Brazilian shaman in order to perform a healing ritual. During the session with the lady shaman, I experienced two visions:⁠

* During the first vision, I was a woman in the middle of a tropical jungle. I was with a group of people, we were a tribe. Almost nacked, we were standing in a group circle, holding each other, passing our arms around the shoulders. We were all wearing a white floral garland around our necks. The flowers in the garlands smelled delicious, they were big, juicy, and pure. We were celebrating that the green and dense tropical forest is our home.⁠

* During the second vision, I was a skinny nomad man. I was standing in a huge sand dune in the middle of the desert. I was alone, and there was a stunning sand storm. I was standing there, observing the wilderness and the beauty of the sand flowing in all directions. I was not scared to die. I felt full of pride and honor for my life.⁠





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