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Blend your own perfume workshop

at the Smell Lab studio in Berlin.


*We can host you the date you like when you are a group of 4 persons or more*


During this workshop you will take part in an experimental scent design experience, involving the creation of your very own fragrance based on the perfume-making method.


At the end you will have your own unique signature scent that you have developed and created. In this workshop, we will become familiar with 25 different oils and aroma molecules, learn how they smell and to which olfactory family they belong. We will also learn their names and how to describe them. Once we are familiar with the ingredients and how they smell, we will learn the basics of how to design and mix scent. Then we will be ready to start playing around!


Each guest will compose one fragrance inspired by their concept or story. You will take home a 10mL bottle of your scent. When you leave the Smell Lab Studio, your nose will never smell things the same!


What you get:

  • 20-25 different scent ingredients to work during the workshop

  • 10mL glass bottle

  • Dossier with theory


What you take home:

  • Your very own 10mL perfume

  • Filled in dossier

  • Excited nose!


You should know:

  • This workshop is not adequate to people who suffer from perfume sensitivity

  • Minimun amount of guests for the workshop to take place: 4 ppl


Next dates:






Blend your own perfume IN-STUDIO

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