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Steps at SHIFT

Steps, 2019.

Photo print in silk, scent.


Following my research and interest in body odor and scent as a unique fingerprint, and therefore, potentially objects of identity formation, I investigate the role of body scent in identity formation in people who have had a gender match.

My main goal is to interview as many people as possible who had experienced a gender re-assignation and try to figure out how did they experience their body scent shift, if so.

The group exhibition SHIFT — beyond the binary im Frappant questions contemporary understandings of gender roles. The artist* collective POSSY curates works that represent different positions in relation to gender and identity. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to use intermedial works, readings and to immerse performances in different realities. On show are artistic contributions dealing with themes of embodiment, disembodiment, dissolution and formation. It is also important to question whether and how a political and feminist interest can be represented through identities without falling into power structures that require and maintain privileged points of view. We would like to open the doors for all exhibition visitors to immerse themselves in an investigation of constructions and invite them to actively become part of this discourse themselves. What is a current understanding of binary gender roles such as stereotypically »female« or »male«? What is controversial, what is fragile? Why does the gender debate come to the fore in the 21st century and to what extent is the recognition of the dignity of all beings linked to the dissolution of duality? What does resistance in thought, experimentation and action mean?

Artistic positions are permanently installed, appear for a limited time, and move between real and virtual spaces. A multilayered perceptible experience unfolds, appealing to the sense of sight, touch, smell and hearing.

Artists — Sophie Allerding, Madita Becker, Kate Chen, Dancing Beasts, George Demir, Serena Ferrario, Geht‘s noch Kollektiv, Maik Gräf, Simone Karl, Lucas Kruse Kristiansen, Rose Marie Lindstrøm, Anne Linke, Ariane Litmeyer, Valerie Ludwig, Maikel Luka, Paulina Mohr, Wagehe Raufi, Klara Ravat, Anna Regner, Caro Siegl, Anna Stüdeli, Ryan Trecartin, Insa Wagner, Wase & Fiele

Curators — Johanna Hohage, Lina von Jaruntowski, Fiete Lauschke, Valerie Ludwig, Laura Stieg

POSSY is an artist collective of young women and non-binary persons and stands primarily for more female, trans* and non-binary presence in Hamburg’s cultural scene. It brings together artists from intermedial fields, facilitates exchange and offers them a stage. Under these aspects, POSSY functions as a platform for artistic development.

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