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Two or Three things I know about Ciro

On 10-11-12 of January 2017 the fashion exhibition Due o tre cose che so di Ciro curated by Angelo Flaccavento took place at the magnificent Palazzo Gerini in Florence, Italy. This show was a celebration on Kiton, the Napolitean haute couture tailoring brand, on the occasion of Pitti Imagine Uomo 91.

The show had 7 different spaces, beautifully designed by the architect Alessandro Moradei.

Mara Micciché was the sound designer behind the beautiful soundtracks, who also brought me into the project.

Antonio Pippolino co-curated the event and made a wonderful invitation card.

I had the pleasure of working on room IV: Tailoring.

For this space I produced 3 scents: the tailors chalk, the ironed clothes and the metallic aroma of the sewing machines and other instruments.

The chalk smell was constantly diffused in the room; the ironed clothes would be activated by a motion sensor, when someone is in the space. The poetically metallic accord was microencapsulated and disposed in the wall: when you would caress the wall you would be able also to smell it.

Angelo also asked me to compose the scent of Naples. This was a delighting task. I researched about the city and asked some of its habitants how do they feel about the scents of their city.

The result was an uplifting marine fragrance, sweet, radiant and oceanic.

The Napoli fragrance was diffused at the entrance of the palace.

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