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Inspiration for P A R K - sweet in the beginning and bitter in the end.

For the group show P A R K, opening the 20th of July at the Galerie im Turm in Berlin, curated by Celina Basra, I am working on a very special scent that will be displayed in the space.

I will be also presenting a limitted amount of vials that you will be able to acquire as a scent souvenir of the show.

The exhibition is all about a PARK being a playground, a concept store, a holiday or a theme park. It is about the curation and organisation of recreative spaces for our leisure and free time.

My scent is being designed towards the bitter-sweet feeling of these places and spaces. The guilt of feeling happy in a controled enviroment. The domination of the cotton candy in our lifes. The burnt sugar, the so acurate and simulated feeling of love after taking XTC.

Sniff and get a ride.


Everything is possible.

Controling your fantasy.




I rule.


Sweet in the begining and bitter in the end.

Burnt sugar, cotton candy, popcorn, caramel, dissonant note.

"Many people are experimenting with the drug ecstasy I heard you say once that a lie is sweet in the beginning and bitter in the end, and truth is bitter in the beginning, and sweet in the end I have been meditating, but I don't have the experiences people report from the drug ecstasy. Is the drug like the lie, and meditation the truth? Or am I missing something that could really help me?"

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