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Meet Klara Ravat

Thursday afternoon, first “meet Klara Ravat” meet up happened at Mediamatic.

It was such a wonderful sunny day! So we were mostly sitting outside.

The first meeting was with Farah Rahman. She is a media artist working with found footage and found objects. Her interest lies on questioning the role of media and memory through AV performances and installations.

Farah came up with questions about how to combine film and scent. She would like to use nature elements, like leaves, as if they were footage on their own.

The second meeting was with Caroline Jacob. She is a student at the Sandberg Institute. Her work focuses on creating materials by using waste. At this moment she is developing detergents made out of ashes from the Mediamatic stove. She was curious on how would be the best way to add scent to the soaps.

Last but not least, I met the Theatre direction student Christina Pfrötschner. She is curious if it would be possible to narrate a whole theatre play without stage designs, no props, only smell! I find this direction very interesting. There are so many things one has to think about to make this happen. First of all, how will the smell move in the space? Where do you want the scent to be? And how strong? Will it mix with other scents? Also, we were speaking about how the audience would perceive the different smells. Since sense of smell is such a subjective medium, with no large vocabulary created, would it work to start the theatre play “training” your audience with a smell vocabulary? I think the idea of introducing the scents you will later use, and associate those to certain feelings, emotions, and happenings would be a way to make this work.

Next meet up will be on the 20th of April! Book your spot at:

I look forward to meet you!

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